02 June 2014

One Hundred and Seventy-Two


So many seeking meaning and purpose without ever questioning the assumption.
The mind’s never-ending quest for significance, for justification,
Is merely an absurd perception of self-importance,
Absolutely unwarranted and meaningless,
A stupor that keeps one from seeing
The incomprehensible for what it truly is.

* * * *
There is only this singular, ever-present, timeless, quantum instant,
Which can always be counted on to be inexplicably unknowable.

* * * *
Much of old age is spent processing whatever conclusions
You have reached about your temporal dream.
The groove in which you wander
Whatever daze remains.

* * * *
Neither zero nor one, much less two or more.

* * * *
Every one a snowflake of a journey.

* * * *
Home is where the mind is not.

* * * *
Immaculate conception,
Or immaculate deception?

* * * *
It is not out there that peace resides.

* * * *
Regarding time travel,
How can that which does not exist
Ever be journeyed except through imagination?
This streaming instant born of senses and mind is all there is.
To pretend otherwise is just one delusion or another.

* * * *
The consequences of centuries of absurd breeding practices cannot be averted.
Corrupted DNA breeding madly toward an outcome only corrupted DNA can play.