21 June 2014

Two Hundred and Eight


Whatever intelligence is manifested through you is the synergy of the mind-body-spirit's
Many experiences, many adventures, many victories, many defeats, many ecstasies, many agonies.
We all enact unique facets of the same monkey-mind, and likely all look back in wonder
At whatever trail we have wandered in our journey through the mortal faire.

* * * *
Being around religious true believers of any rhyme or reason
Is like listening to children go on and on and on about Santa Claus,
And all the presents and treats they will be getting on Christmas morning.
What an absurd species we have managed to become.
And some call it evolution.

* * * *
Everyone is responsible for their own salvation,
Which means learning to surrender to this very moment.
Eternal life is right here, right now, not in some future incarnation,
Or sitting on a wafting cotton ball taking harp lessons.

* * * *
In the regards to the spiritual quest,
All words, all narratives, are merely analogies,
Metaphors, concepts, symbols, ciphers, allegories, parables.
They are meant to be taken figuratively, not literally.

* * * *
Have not the same conversations been going on
Ever since you first began listening way back when?
You think they are not the same across all time, all space?

* * * *
You are and are not your ever-changing, imaginary universe.
It is within and without you, this dreamtime of an individual life,
That the endlessly beguiling Samsara of the senses has woven.

* * * *
The scribe knows what is being written, but what are you reading?
The speaker knows what is being spoken, but what are you hearing?
Everything you see, touch, hear, feel, smell is but an arbitrary translation
Of the subjective nature-nurture mind-body in which the awareness dwells,
The witness before which creation is filtered through the caprice of imagination.
The observer is the not the observed, the observed is not the observer.
Objectivity is an impossible ideal, an unreachable brass ring,
Which science can never more than pretend to attain.