20 June 2014

Two Hundred and Five


The nature of the scientific mind is to always be examining everything for oneself,
To accept no assertion that cannot be verified by one’s own observation.
Why should sovereignty of the given mind ever be relinquished
To any haphazard tradition, superstition, or dogma?

* * * *
Count yourself among those who do not know, do not care,
And abide as freely, as harmlessly, as aimlessly
As body, mind, and spirit will allow.
Be captain of your ship,
And set sail
Through the dream of time.

* * * *
Close your eyes,
Still your thoughts,
Dance around awhile.
Where is your mind-body?
What is it, really, but a memory,
A dream through which you
Like a lit fuse pass?

* * * *
A conceited little theater,
On a tiny spinning sphere,
In a mere speck of a universe,
Floating in the bottommost corner,
Of an eternal eye, that is but a mirage.

* * * *
Imagination capers about an infinity of its own,
But just because some fiction can be etched on paper
Or thrown up on a movie screen does not make it possible.
Even the quantum source is ultimately bounded by its own nature.
That is why it is called quantum physics.

* * * *
Death only means an individual existence is all said and done.
But no life form can ever even know what is done is done
Because consciousness requires some sort of form,
Some sort of sensory-awareness receiving unit,
Able to perceive whatever ethereal dream
Those whimsical fates have in store.