21 June 2014

Two Hundred and Nine


You can attempt to run in every direction imaginable,
But no matter the way, shape or form in which you are cloaked,
You can never ever, even for one moment, hide from the witness within.

* * * *
Truth likely won’t be too comfortable if you merely want your vanity fondled.

* * * *
Despite all the many different languages and cultures across the world,
What, really, is the likelihood that almost every single conversation
Is not essentially a derivative of the same human paradigm?

* * * *
Where does the you that you think is you begin?
And the me that I think is me end?
‘Tis a mystery,
Every moment a spin.

* * * *
Sometimes you live and let live.
Sometimes you live and let die.
Sometimes you die and let live.
Sometimes you die and let die.

* * * *
Many do not comprehend the savage depths
To which any given human spirit can descend,
Until they face the choice of living or dying.

* * * *
Any given universe is but a neurological array,
An indelible mystery no matter how it is framed.

* * * *
How many experiences will it take
For humanity to quench the insatiable appetite
For more, more, more from this mirage of space and time?

* * * *
Not much point in talking about serious things
To those who have not learned to value, have not learned to trust,
Their own questions, their own observations, their own thoughts, their own intuitions,
And instead turn their minds over to one propaganda of time or another.