20 June 2014

Two Hundred and One


The challenge is to discern the passing dream of consciousness,
The here and now, as it is, fresh, without preconception.
To detach the filter of the mind caught in time,
To see reality, not how you think it is,
But clearly, from the stillness of attentiveness,
Without concept, feeling, motive, stereotype, prejudice.
To fathom the mystery of youness from oblivion’s point of view.

* * * *
It is but a dream,
A streaming figment of imagination.
Abandon the quixotic mind and take up permanent residence
In the heart and soul of awareness.

* * * *
There is always going to be a middleman
Ready and willing to take your hard-earned coin
In exchange for allowing you to follow him.

* * * *
Where there is money to be made,
Power to be gained, fame to be had,
There is seldom a shortage of minions
More than willing to do whatever it takes.

* * * *
For there to be good, there must be evil,
And that, my friend, is duality in a nutshell.

* * * *
Gurus in the traditional oral sense
Are no longer necessary the way they once were.
Penned thoughts are enough for those
Whose fate it is to awaken.

* * * *
How can anyone not see what is before their very eyes,
But through the intuition of wisdom’s eternal future-past.

* * * *
When everyone is playing out their own version of normal,
All judgment becomes an unending lesson in absurdity.
The source of all this absurdity is beyond measure.