21 June 2014

Two Hundred and Six


The quantum essence has no divisions,
No partitions, no boundaries, no borders, no restrictions, no limits.
It is indivisible, inseparable, undividable, blended, united, conjoined, indissoluble, inextricable.
There is no time, there is no space, there is only imagination feigning itself real.

* * * *
From the ordinary day-to-day, all myths, all legends, are fabrications of imagination.
All creation is very much born of the same quantum mystery.
Keep the balderdash in perspective.

* * * *
Discernment of Self has nothing to do with station or caste.
Some are high born, some low, some middle.
There is no limit put upon
Those destined
To discern That I Am.
Do not be waylaid by the vanity
Of those who manipulate your subjugation
To the twisting corruptions of their self-absorbed wills.

* * * *
… dust … creation, preservation, destruction … dust …

* * * *
To believe everyone is going to someday wake up,
Is even remotely capable of, or interested in waking up,
Has really always been a laughably absurd fantasy.

* * * *
What good fortune it is to enjoy learning for learning’s sake,
Without having to endure the bother of regurgitation or testing.

* * * *
And if there were no other to engage you, no other to distract you, confound you,
Where would you, could you be, but where you are, have always been, will ever be.

* * * *
Mystic, seer, hierophant, minister, priest, sanyasi, sage, prophet, priest, vicar,
Spiritualist, wizard, monk, soothsayer, clairvoyant, prescient, fortuneteller, forecaster, oracle,
Sorcerer, diviner, sibyl, augur, prognosticator, crystal-gazer, medium, herald, psychic,
Telepathist, mind reader, cleric, preacher, rector, parson, reverend, holy man,
All descriptions of those inquiring into that which is genuine and true,
That mystery which is the ever same no matter the eye or ear.