21 June 2014

Two Hundred and Ten


All this self-consciousness, all this self-imagery,
What a burden to each and every moment fabricate anew
A complete and utter invention, an edifice of imaginary proportion.
Let go.

* * * *
Nothing to create, nothing to preserve, nothing to destroy.

* * * *
True Self-love is not narcissistic in the mortal sense.
It is the immersion into the incorruptible within,
And that is the ultimate goal of existence
For those for whom consciousness
And dreams of time and space
No longer entice or delude.

* * * *
Yes, you will forget this, too.
Oblivion is the fate of all.

* * * *
A different day,
A different place,
A different face,
Same babble.

* * * *
Nothing before,
Nothing after,
Nothing all the while,
Despite all claims to the contrary.

* * * *
Perfection is your inherent nature.
Duality is the original flaw.
Your perfection was misplaced
When the time born of consciousness
Took root in the tabula rasa of your innocence.

* * * *
It is much easier to leave behind a long string of bodies
Than it is to forgive those who take advantage or seek to hurt us.
To forgive and forget, to do no harm, to be and allow, is ever a challenge.