06 July 2014

Two Hundred and Fifty-Four


There is really only one truth,
And it is the core of all that is, and all that is not.
No one possesses any greater truth, and it is for each to alone discover.

* * * *
Never uncritically acquiesce to any individual or group.
Dogmas are born of many an unintentional consequence.

* * * *
Those who are so foolish
As to believe in all things implausible
Are not giving full attention to the unfolding creation
Their own eyes in mind daily reveal.

* * * *
You were born of Mother Earth
And the vastness from which all reveries are spun,
And one of these daze she will find a way
To mill you back into the compost
With which dreamtime
Will renew its timeless play.

* * * *
All belief is like a security blanket.
You are everything and nothing all the while.
In what, really, is there to believe?

* * * *
It may matter while you are here,
But what will you think, how will you feel,
When your skull is six feet under?

* * * *
When you were young,
You were the essential you.
Untarnished, pure, free, innocent.
Until the world convinced you otherwise.

* * * *
All dreams, all memories, all ideas, eventually evaporate
Into what they have been all along, the one and only real you,
The timeless awareness in which all things come and go,
Appear and disappear like clouds in the drift of time.