06 July 2014

Two Hundred and Fifty-One


Why would you ever need to accept or deny anything spoken
By so many seers, mystics, prophets, saints, oracles,
And philosophers throughout time and space,
When you can discern it for your Self.

* * * *
All have within them the limited and unlimited potential.
Everything narrow and broad, shallow and deep.
It is attachment to the individual dreams
That binds all sentient beings
To the dualities born of the senses.

* * * *
No words can describe or contain you.
All you are is awareness now,
The universe is merely
A temporal creation
Of the senses and mind.

* * * *
Memes are mass recordings,
Far more often than not
About idolatry and dogma
Than truth, equality, or justice.

* * * *
Who is the experiencer
When the passing moment
Is over as quickly as it began?
Quantum mischief, indeed.

* * * *
Well, at least we will have a lot
Of photos and videos of the world,
And all its creatures great and small,
For the future to see what they missed.

* * * *
No matter how deeply you delve,
It ever remains an inexplicable mystery.
All conclusions are no more than idle speculation.
It is meaningless to do more than give the passing moment
Your complete and unvarnished attention.