05 July 2014

Two Hundred and Fifty


Your face has never been the same, so why pretend it is?
Why be attached to its ever-changing nature?
Go behind the façade to discover
The immortality of your true beingness,
The awareness common to all great and small.

* * * *
We are all just kaleidoscoping mirages of imagination
Rippling into each other in every conceivable way.

* * * *
If the Jesus so many idolize did not say,
“I am the truth, the life, and the way … and so are you,”
Then he was just another self-absorbed fraud,
Another charismatic cult leader,
Whom true believers
Always place on pedestals,
And without question, blindly follow.

* * * *
Go lecture, harangue, curse, or worship the ocean
And see if it cares about anything you have to say.

* * * *
All the firepower in the world ain’t gonna help
If you can’t get your finger to the trigger,
And a square, steady aim on the target.

* * * *
If you seek angels, there will be angels.
If you pursue demons, there will be demons.
It is your heaven, your hell, and purgatory between.
All equal in the oneness eternal.

* * * *
Although there may well be some remorseful exceptions,
Most miscreants are likely far more sorry they got caught.

* * * *
What a mockery of accuracy
Hollywoods, Bollywoods, Broadways,
And other entertainments so often make of history.
But then again, how accurate has any history ever really been?