04 July 2014

Two Hundred and Forty-Four


If you cannot examine the universe in your mind,
Then your destiny is just one conditioned journey or another,
Dictated by the history, the make-believe, in which you have been steeped.

* * * *
Challenging to admit, to face, to live, the fact, the reality,
That everything upon which you have based this life you call yours,
Is nothing more than a temporal fabrication of imagination.

* * * *
Destruction without any vision for what is being created
Does not leave much elbowroom for the little folk.
But, then again, when have those on top
Ever really cared about others
As more than a means to an end?

* * * *
You cannot erase what is already written.
You cannot rewind what is already said.
The unfiltered dream ever streams on.

* * * *
Pain teaches every sort of fear,
And desire creates every opportunity
To experience its every nuance.

* * * *
Emboldened by the clarity of the wilderness,
Jesus of Nazareth mistakenly, naively believed
He could tame the mad absurdity of the city.

* * * *
It is entirely your creation.
You are the source, the origin, the genesis,
Of your version, your account, your narrative of the universe,
And no other can change that.

* * * *
Aligning with any given dogma
Is more a gymnastic feat than real spiritual inquiry.
A curiously ironic thing, especially since the ever-present awareness of truth
Requires absolutely no effort, no strife, no belief, whatsoever.
It is as present a present as any present can be.