04 July 2014

Two Hundred and Forty-Three


Jesus would certainly have to be very talented to solve this fine mess.
Perhaps that is why he is dilly-dallying wherever rumored-to-be-living messiahs hang,
At which, if the tale be true, he proved to be quite adept those final hours.
He and his fishermen have indeed left the rest of us,
Intentionally or not,
Out to dry these last two millennium.
And more than likely, many until-the-end-of-time more.

* * * *
Why always charge for thoughts that come freely to mind?
What a peculiar concept, intellectual property,
As if anyone really owns anything.
A good idea, a good story, belongs to all.

* * * *
How differently would you see anyone
Were you to view the inner video of their life?
All the nature-nurture winds that molded their existence
Would certainly inspire compassion for all
In all but the hardest hearts.

* * * *
The nothingness of the ethereal quantum vapor
Playing out every conceivable size and form,
Every conceivable state of consciousness,
And we, enraptured with all our absurdities.

* * * *
To those attached to one dogma or another,
You are either all right, or you are all wrong.
We all have to come from the same beginning,
And all assertions about it are utterly meaningless.
So, drop the inanity, roll out the doubt, figure it out.

* * * *
At some point, so much history becomes so much gibberish.
Now is the time, and those who abide in the present
Are at the forefront, the tip of the spear
In the epoch of human evolution.
Learn what you are able
From all that history has to offer,
But do not let it weigh upon the decisions
That will be required to survive civilization’s unraveling.