31 July 2014

Two Hundred and Sixty-Five


The ultimate intention of thoughts such as these are to strip away everything,
To relinquish you to the aloneness, the oblivion, the absoluteness you truly are.
To leave only the certainty of you, the essence of you, the wonder and grace of you.
Anything less is only more hollow delusion in a nightmare already reeking with its stench.

* * * *
For the want of minds that can discern the mystery within all things,
For the want of ears that can hear the soundless, eyes that can see the unseen,
Another vision of the grand reality gradually fading in the dream of time.
It is not the choir that needs to discern that which is real and true.

* * * *
Others make it possible to explore, to sightsee mindsets
Outside your limitations, beyond your boundaries,
From the security of your couch, so to speak.
We are all really just voyeurs, onlookers,
Rubber-necking every which way,
Some consciously, some not.

* * * *
The brass ring is a slippery thing.

* * * *
If you really understand,
Why would it even occur to you
To worship anything outside your Self?
Assuming, of course, any form of acclamation
Is even necessary in the first place.

* * * *
Being the timeless presence is very simple, really.
Just be the sovereign, unstained, indivisible, untrammeled,
Flawless, immaculate, absolute, eternal awareness.

* * * *
A question for the sciences:  How small is small? How big is big?
What exactly is ever being measured but the limitations of imagination?

* * * *
The way is simple.
No priesthood, no followers, no doctrine,
No edifices, no dress codes, no symbols, no tithing, no groupthink,
No oppression, no burden, no bondage, no encumbrance, no annoyance, no yoke whatsoever.