31 July 2014

Two Hundred and Sixty-Three


To say any religion or political system or economic theory is better than another,
Is a ceaseless comparison of apples and oranges and peaches and bananas.
Each has their texture, their flavor, their subtlety, their raison d'etre.
All merely arbitrary collusions born of minds caught in time.

* * * *
Why concern yourself with inane notions of heaven and hell,
Or the ever-morphing permutations of reincarnation?
You are … have always been … will ever be …
That which is prior to any and all forms,
Unrestrained by any limitation.

* * * *
This moment is where the tire hits the road,
Come and gone each and every instant.
No way you can be anywhere else.

* * * *
How long can the world as we know it
Sustain the degree of self-absorption
We have wrought upon its creation?
Where is the edge of the petri dish
Towards which we senselessly dash?

* * * *
The unanswerable question
Is whether god is as into sheep
As all the sheep would like to believe.

* * * *
Bad breathing makes for an unstable mind,
Wherein the eternal now is whisked into time.

* * * *
I Am the Truth, the Life, and the Way,
And so are you,
And so is every part and particle
To the farthest reaches of infinity’s formless presence.

* * * *
Have many of our ancestors ever really cared about the unborn
As anything more than a means to their own security and well-being?
As anything more than instruments for their own corporeal needs and wants?