03 July 2014

Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight


Be of such mind, be of such vision, be of such clarity, be of such soul,
That the empty awareness of the grand zero-sum is all that remains.

* * * *
For every true believer who might swing a pendulum one way,
There is inevitably another who would swing it
At least as far the other.

* * * *
In a relatively few moments,
It will not matter what any of us thought about anything,
Much less each other.

* * * *
There are pluses and minuses to every relationship.
One must simply choose into which to play
In whatever time is spent together.

* * * *
An infant’s wants, so guilelessly genuine.
Detachment is relatively effortless
When innocence reigns,
When nothingness blossoms
From the depths of the unfathomable.

* * * *
Without context, there would be no you.
Without you, there would be no context.

* * * *
There is no other, there is only a dream
To which you are witness, very much alone,
As free as you in any given moment dare.

* * * *
In the grand scheme of all things manifest,
There is a far bigger picture than little old you,
You hopefully at least occasionally realize.

* * * *
Organized religions are fine, well, and good
If you have a strong stomach for dogma, idolatry,
Political intrigue, martyrdom, and every shade of vanity.