02 July 2014

Two Hundred and Thirty-Five


How challenging to let go of lies once so much of life has been invested in them.
And are you wandering existence hand-in-hand with truth?
Well, who’s to say, who’s to care?

* * * *
You are not really required to play out your life any certain way.
You may change directions as many times as time allows,
As long as you are willing to face the consequences.

* * * *
Chew your liquids, drink your solids.
It is the replenishment and care of the body and mind
That allows the witness to this vast mystery
To tarry within and without.

* * * *
If you think, you likely think you are.
If you do not think, if the mind is attentively still,
Where are you? Where are you not?

* * * *
It is only we who applaud ourselves.
It is only we who require it.

* * * *
Challenging not to be small-minded
When one inevitable passion or another
Casts the mind willy-nilly every direction.

* * * *
The essential truth is not,
Has never been, and will never be,
Subject to the triviality of political correctness.

* * * *
Without you to witness it,
The universe and everything in it would not be.
Imagination is a powerful god.

* * * *
Work, play, experience everything that calls,
Until nothing remains but ever-present awareness,
Indivisible, intangible, indestructible, sovereign, absolute.