02 July 2014

Two Hundred and Thirty-One


There is the imaginary existence of consciousness: worldly, temporal, secular, profane, mundane.
Naught but a brief illusion, a brief collusion, a brief delusion of time and space.
But the real and only you, the real existence, the real eternal life,
Is the indelibly indivisible quantum awareness.
You are the way, the truth, the life.
There is no other.

* * * *
Why accept any assumption that cannot be confirmed by your own observation?
Why allow the assertion of any other, whatever the time and space,
To subjugate the sovereignty of your own insight?

* * * *
So many lessons so hard-won, and far too easily forgotten.

* * * *
There is only one source, one creation,
And you are but one of its countless manifestations,
Absolutely the same essence, the same gold,
But entirely matchless all the while.

* * * *
Truth is not bound by any geographic assumption.

* * * *
True religion is expressed each and every moment.
In deeds are you known; assertions mean nothing.

* * * *
Nature is the quantum mystery’s expression.
You are of nature, you are the quantum mystery,
Corrupted as it is by the whimsies of consciousness.

* * * *
Consciousness confabulates every genre of filter
Through which it imagines its light show of a universe real
Every streaming, dreaming, impromptu moment.

* * * *
We are all but pawns of the genetic lottery
And the winds of consciousness into which we are cast.
Call it what you will: fate, destiny, kismet, fortune, providence, karma,
In the grand matrix of it all, you are but a quantum twinkle.