03 July 2014

Two Hundred and Thirty-Six


Why should you, who would fly into the infinity of the unknown,
Ever be tethered, ever be bound, by the limitations of any other?

* * * *
Imagination playing out every agony, every ecstasy,
But, in the final analysis, merely an agent of dreams.

* * * *
It is what you really are that is immortal,
Not that vain, ever-changing face and body
At which you daily gaze longingly in the mirror.
Narcissus only had a reflection of water
In which to admire his beauty.
No end to the means
Current times
Have provided you.

* * * *
Forget everything.
It is all just pretend, anyway.

* * * *
Few spiritual inquiries stray
Far beyond the given fairytale.
Early conditioning molds us all.

* * * *
A free mind can never be chained.

* * * *
What is absurd, and what is not absurd,
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

* * * *
The universe, the world, is a great cross to bear,
A great atlas to shoulder, a great boulder to roll,

* * * *
Yes, indeed, it may sound extremely wacko at first.
But then, the only question becomes, what if it is true?
What if you are that infinite indivisible that others call god?
Eternally alone, immeasurable, indivisible, absolute, supreme.
The challenge, Pilgrim, is not letting it get to your head.