28 August 2014

Three Hundred and Fifteen


The malarkey of fear and superstition and ignorance
Would have you bow and scrape and pay homage for all eternity.
But in truth there is nothing to which you are in any way required to submit
If you have the courage to stand free of all claims, utterly alone,
In the elemental winds of your quantum dream.

* * * *
Far more discerning and real to become a Christ than a Christian,
A Buddha than a Buddhist, the Tao than a Taoist,
The Truth than a True Believer.

* * * *
If those who say they do not care, really did not care,
Would it even occur to them that they did or did not?

* * * *
The only thing you can really do is witness it.
There is no holding on to anything,
Least of all, the vain notion
That it has been you
Who has really done any of it.

* * * *
Even if you were up on some great stage
With seven billion-plus people wildly cheering,
In the vast singularity of all things matrix,
You would still be very much alone.

 * * * *
Best discern the existential of it now,
For there will likely not be the opportunity
Once the container to which you are so attached
Blows back into the dream-weaving quantum sands.

* * * *
You can take all your dogmatic absurdities,
And the political correctness with which they are laced,
And shove them where no sun ain’t never got no ambition to shine.

* * * *
Is a contribution for a tax deduction really a gift?
Is a donation for an inscription on a wall really from the heart?
Is  philanthropy really any more than good old vanity guised in yet another cloak?