23 August 2014

Three Hundred and Nine


You cannot open a door that will not open,
No matter your deepest yearning that it would be so.
Nor can you help but wander through one that seamlessly yawns.
Fate is as fate does.

* * * *
You believe you have the power to make things happen.
Well, Pilgrim, only if it is in the cards you were shuffled,
Only if it is the part assigned long before you were born.

* * * *
Some of your finest friends have been dust
For hundreds, even thousands of years.
But they bequeathed many thoughts
Which ever speak the same truth,
The same voice in many guises.

* * * *
Another memory.

* * * *
Physician, heal thy Self.

* * * *
From fear, fearlessness.
From desire, desirelessness.
From passion, passionlessness.
From conflict and struggle, serenity.

* * * *
Hey, nobody is forcing you
To do anything you cannot say no to
If you are willing to endure the consequences.

* * * *
To see you are that which is godness is not arrogance,
But recognition, acceptance, appreciation, salutation.

* * * *
Life is a marathon.
Be aware how quickly you are running it,
Lest you be caught at its end with too little left to carry well the given day.