23 August 2014

Three Hundred and One


From nothingness burst quantum, which fashioned itself into the many elements,
That created a vast universe sprinkled with countless stars, around which many worlds twirled,
Upon which, on at least one whirling sphere, volcanoes spewed and oceans roared,
And life upwelled into existence, and cleaved into biological streams,
One of which gradually, irrevocably, evolved into you,
Mortal witness to the timeless mystery,
 To which there is neither question nor answer.

* * * *
You are the temporal outcome of a lineage of seeds streaming from life’s origin.
You are the mystery, the enigma of DNA, and its futile attempt at immortality.

* * * *
Your world, your universe is your quantum teacher,
And it seems it will offer whatever you are fated to experience,
And perchance whatever it is you are equipped to learn.
Who, what, where, when, why, is anyone’s guess.

* * * *
If you cannot establish heaven in the here and now,
What in god’s name makes you even fantasize
That you will just be given it carte blanche
After your existence is extinguished?

* * * *
There are really no words for it,
Yet still we prattle on and on and on.
It’s a monkey thing.

* * * *
You may take the monkey out of the tribe,
But can you take the tribe out of the monkey?

* * * *
You are yet another flowering of nature.
How can you even for a moment consider yourself separate,
Or in any way lesser or greater than anything else?
You are it, it is you, there is no other.

* * * *
Just because you have behaved some set way all your life,
Does not mean you must awaken to the same today, or ever again.
Transcending the mind, the conditioning, the meme is always an option.