23 August 2014

Three Hundred and Seven


You cannot teach what you do not know,
And you cannot teach something well until you know it very, very well.
And you cannot teach that which can never be known,
Until you have very, very clearly discerned
That you are the unknown.

* * * *
Re-establishing a guardianship relationship with nature
Will likely prove to be the overriding imperative
For the unenviable future we are together creating.
Assuming, of course, any survive to alter the paradigm.

* * * *
Imagination is the trove of all agony, all ecstasy,
But it is truly nothing more than echoes
In the vacuum of eternity.

* * * *
What is this ephemeral trait called beauty
But an ever-distracting promise of something
That does not, has never, will never exist.

* * * *
Only in the very-much-now momentary presence
The stillness of absolute awareness does vanity end.

* * * *
Probably 99.99 percent of all life on this garden world
Exists between the heights of Mount Everest
And the depths of the Mariana Trench.
That’s only just a smidgen over twelve miles,
Which is where to where in your dream of a world?

* * * *
You are eating and drinking and pissing and shitting
And breathing and wandering through the ever-swirling elements.
Just where is the separation between you and anything?

* * * *
How can there be just one teacher
When your universe has been laying the foundation
With every sort of instruction since long before you were even conceived.
Awakening is a process, not any particular point in time.