23 August 2014

Three Hundred and Ten


Sodom and Gomorrah arise anew in every epoch, in every geography.
It is the outcome of the monkey-mind’s hedonistic nature.
Few move beyond the biological imperative,
And those who do not
Succumb to one consequence or another.

* * * *
So many hoping, praying for a miracle, a sign of favor from god.
Easy to forget it is in each and every breath,
Each and every step.
And still they want more, more, more.

* * * *
Consciousness synergistically playing itself out,
However each and every single one wills,
Each and every streaming now.

* * * *
What is existence but a relatively few breaths,
A relatively few pleasures, a relatively few pains,
A relatively few successes, a relatively few failures.
A relatively few comrades, a relatively few adversaries,
A relatively few anything of everything,
And everything of anything.

* * * *
Idolatry laced with dogma has never,
Nor will ever, have anything to do with truth.
Put any middleman who maintains otherwise behind you.

* * * *
What is the point of all this knowledge
If it does not transmute from trivia into intelligence,
From intelligence into wisdom, and from wisdom into eternal life.

* * * *
Still waiting for the Mother Ship
To pick you up and return you home, are we?
Well, alas, bad news, amigo, it was long ago sucked into a black hole,
And you – tinker, tailor, soldier, spy -- are marooned
Amid this inexplicable alien species
For the rest of time.
Best not to scream too loud.