28 August 2014

Three Hundred and Thirteen


The first billion population mark was breached by humankind in 1804-ish.
The second in 1927-ish, the third in 1960-ish, the fourth in 1974-ish, the fifth in 1987-ish,
The sixth in 1999-ish, the seventh in 2011-ish, the eight projected in 2024-ish,
The ninth for 2040-ish,  and the tenth and beyond whenever-ish.
Six billion in a little over two hundred years.
To what beyond the pale will Gaia allow us to take it
Before the Malthusian reality finally kicks us down the line?

* * * *
The ephemeral me-myself-and-I is but an intangible presence,
A glimmer of the unknown imagining all its dreaming real.

* * * *
Do you move in time, or does time move in you?
Do you do nothing, or does nothing do you?

* * * *
There is obviously no limit to God’s cruelty.

* * * *
What did you really accomplish this day
But another flurry of memories,
Already growing dim.

* * * *
It is consciousness that moves,
Not you, the stillness of awareness,
The unstained, infinite witness.

* * * *
Unravel the Gordian Knot
Bit by bit if your aim is suffering.
Slice it in one fell swoop if it is freedom.

* * * *
What tricksters these senses are,
Manifesting a reality that can never be real,
Creating a reverie that can never be more than a dream.

* * * *
Only through the ever-streaming, ever-changing input of the senses
Does it seem that you are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling
This indivisible quantum-matrix universe, a mirage of an inexplicable origin.