22 August 2014

Three Hundred


Perception is all, and all is seamlessly diminishing
As the container wanders toward its inevitable demise.
And what will “you” be then, but what you have ever been.
No point in being attached to a reverie that must inevitably end.

* * * *
The dream you call life is chock-full of things that do not go your way.
Getting angry or depressed about all it is much less challenging
Than learning to just turn the other cheek and wander on.

* * * *
If you are truly content with your kaleidoscoping dream,
Satisfied with what you have seen, with what you have done,
Why would anyone else's judgment ever possibly matter?

* * * *
After awakening to a larger vision of all creation,
Except for a greater sense of the grand connectiveness,
You are really no different than you were before.
You must still abide the mortal dreaming,
And that is never always easy.

* * * *
From the origin and before, to the end and after,
Everything is indivisibly, seamlessly connected,
Only in the play of sound do we pretend duality.

* * * *
The chronicles of time are nothing more than vapor.
All history begins corroding long before it is written.

* * *
It has always just been you, all alone.
The world, the universe, the entire sensory play,
Family, friends, adversaries, things, work, play, pleasure, pain,
Have all been merely been temporary distractions
From this one and only truth.

* * * *
The ultimate potential of any given mind
Is not merely to wander and abide the manifest realm,
But to discover the portal to that which is called god by many names.
That which each must ultimately explore completely alone.