18 August 2014

Two Hundred and Eighty-Seven


Organized religions are born of the sanctimonious, mythological blather
Of those who did not, could not, know any more than you
As far as any truly meaningful answers go.
But no point arguing or fighting or killing about it.
Just put all the true believers behind you, and wander on and on.

* * * *
No second step can happen without the first,
Nor the third without the second, or the fourth without the third.
Assuming you are counting, that is.
Stream on.

* * * *
You are the original source, the light that creates
All form and shadow, all meaning and purpose,
All duality in every imaginary way possible.

* * * *
Every life form ever manifested
Is doing, has done, will do,
With its brief existence,
Whatever fate has allotted.

* * * *
Existence is a mystery.
It is not a Christian mystery,
A Buddhist mystery, a Hindu mystery,
An Islamic mystery, or anyone else’s mystery.
It is equally the same mystery for all.
Any given belief system
Is merely vanity
Promoting differences
Which have never mattered.

* * * *
The breath only flows in or out.
Benignly indifferent to the ways of the mind,
To all the imaginary whimsy through which it effortlessly sails.

* * * *
Regurgitation of truth is not the truth.
The word, the concept, the sound, can never be the thing.
A mind that will not look will not see, a mind that will not listen will not hear.