18 August 2014

Two Hundred and Eighty-Six


The mortal senses do not care what they see, hear, touch, taste, or feel.
It is only the mind, only imagination, that creates a universe of dualistic notion.
The body is but a vehicle in which the singularity plays an eternal game of hide and seek.

* * * *
The human drama is really no different
Than any game – board, card, dice, arena, or otherwise –
In which you engage energetically, enthusiastically, even happily, for a time,
But eventually grow bored, weary, perhaps broken, and move on.

* * * *
You have never even once been what you think.
The imaginary self is no more a fabrication of consciousness.
Truly, you are simply awareness, as is everything else.
The singularity is nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
Time is relative to the space in which it is measured.
What is a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a year,
On Saturn or Jupiter, on Mercury or Neptune,
Or on the sun around which they all spin?

* * * *
Different jewelry, same gold.
Different stars, same universe.
Different waves, same ocean.
Different eyes, same mystery.

* * * *
Imagine if you had only one sense:
Eyes or ears or nose or tongue or skin.
What would your universe be then?

* * * *
It all becomes quite meaningless,
Empty chatter, empty deeds, empty mind,
Nothing at all necessary, whatsoever.
Enjoy the freedom of merely being.

* * * *
All movement of thought is the play of consciousness
Mesmerized by the myriad creations born of its temporal nature.
Unbound awareness is the unutterable stillness of the ephemeral moment.