22 August 2014

Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine


A most challenging thing not to grow more inflexible,
More harsh, more cynical, as the world daily takes its toll.
To be as a child, innocent, free, untainted, uncarved, unbroken,
Is a momentary awareness only timeless minds re-attain.

* * * *
All the pronouns: you, thou, we, they, them, it, and their brethren,
Are only vibrations, puffs of air dividing the mind into this and that.
They have no ultimate reality, no ultimate meaning, whatsoever.

* * * *
Alas for those yet to come that the grand Ponzi scheme,
Set into motion since civilization first took root,
Is steadily, irreversibly coming undone.
What will be left in the rubble,
The scar tissue of our battered garden?

* * * *
Nobody has ever seen what you have seen,
Ever thought what you have thought,
Ever done what you have done.
You are a one-time creation,
The once-and-only you
In the once-upon-a-time of it.

* * * *
The Self in one is the Self in all.
The Self in all is the Self in one.

* * * *
You are the first and the last,
Though you are not the first first,
Nor will you be the last last.

* * * *
After you have won your little revolution,
After you have destroyed everything you did not like,
With what will you replace it, what will you build upon the ruins?

* * * *
Eternal life is merely playing out the existential moment,
The very same moment in which every other creature on the planet
Is instinctually, seamlessly, effortlessly, simultaneously, selflessly functioning.