01 August 2014

Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight


Just more inane dogma in a world
Already seething with endless monkey-mind blather.
So many telling others what they should believe, how they should exist.
Just walk way from it, put behind you all those who would limit
Your every thought, your every step, your every breath.
Live boldly, be the freedom you were born to be.

* * * *
What the magic number is that transforms cults into religions,
Is known only to those who accept god can be marginalized.

* * * *
What happens after death? … Don’t know … Don’t care.
Didn’t ask to be here, ain’t prayin’ to be stayin’.
Seen and done enough to be ready
For some eternal rest in the land of oblivion.

* * * *
Political correctness has always been played out
By those many who fear standing alone.
Many sheep have only two legs.
Muster the courage,
Stand aloof from the herd.

* * * *
What is evil but the darker side of light?

* * * *
It is history that whittles away innocence.

* * * *
No world should suffer too much affluence.

* * * *
If there was anything benevolent about God,
Why would it have ever created the human species
To trample, manipulate, torment, and destroy this garden,
And all its myriad creatures from great to small?

* * * *
Through these words and many others of the same ilk,
Your ultimate nature speaks softly true, sovereign, absolute.
Look clearly, listen closely, you who would discern that which is real.