01 August 2014

Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven


Gumption: shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.
Initiative, resourcefulness, enterprise, ingenuity, imagination, astuteness,
Shrewdness, acumen, sense, common sense, wit, mother wit, practicality, spirit, pluck,
Backbone, mettle, nerve, courage, wherewithal, get-up-and-go, spunk,
Oomph, moxie, savvy, horse sense, street smarts.
Concepts to bear in mind and heart in the coming storm.

* * * *
As far as maintaining health of mind and body go,
It is wiser to get more disciplined as you get older, not less.
Ultimately, you cannot hold onto anything in this manifest playhouse,
But it will not hurt to take care of what you have been given
During the relatively short interval you have it.

* * * *
Who, what, where, when, why and how you really truly are
Is the indivisible quantum formlessness of eternity,
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Would that wisdom could be legislated,
But, alas, fools rule and suffering abounds.

* * * *
You are indeed very much alone.
You can spend your life running from the fact,
Or look within and find out why.

* * * *
Political correctness is really any given monkey-mind
Molding others to an acceptable, comfortable limitation.

* * * *
But for human vanity, would there, could there even be a god?

* * * *
How can anyone own the mystery when everything is the mystery?

* * * *
What impetuous fire there is in youth.
The exuberance, the innocence, the arrogance, the folly.
Curious how life’s passing gradually tempers, even dampens, the many passions,
As the uncarved block, the a priori, is gradually whittled into destiny.