20 September 2014

Three Hundred and Fifty-Four


Call me That I Am, call me Brahman, call me Tao, call me God, call me Self, call me what you will.
I am the unnamable awareness that is prior to all dreams of consciousness.
Absolute, indivisible, complete, supreme, without peer.
And you and everything else are as well.
There is nothing that is not this same oneness
In all the annals of time to the formless infinity beyond.

* * * *
A quantum building block does not care into what form it is placed,
Or if it is used in any meaningful or profound way at all.
It plays any part that consciousness dictates.

* * * *
All your many attempts to hold onto anything
Are absolutely futile and meaningless.
There is naught but the dreamy now,
And the perceptions to which the mind,
With such tenacious determination, clings.

* * * *
Truth is esoteric and meaningless to most.
Some have the eyes to see and ears to hear,
But in others the ground is dry and barren.
So it goes.

* * * *
No matter the form,
No matter the time and space,
You cannot be anywhere but here now.
It be the way it is across the board.

* * * *
Knowledge will never reach a conclusion,
For it is far too adept at creating itself anew.

* * * *
All forms are but variations of quantum vibration,
The underlying physics of the elements within all things,
As witnessed by the ever-present, ever-shining light of awareness.

* * * *
What a magical dream this garden world was before humankind began assaulting it
With its insatiable greed and unending self-absorption over every imaginable difference.