20 September 2014

Three Hundred and Fifty-Two


How inane and absurd it all at some point becomes.
We prattle endlessly about truth, stillness, love, justice, and on and on.
But to remain in that state every moment is for most very challenging, very unlikely, indeed.
The monkey-mind is ever an enthralling thunder and lightning show
To which death is really the only antidote.

* * * *
The indivisibility of the quantum chaos is order unto its Self.
What stability can there be in the theater of consciousness
But what awareness through imagination conceives?

* * * *
You think you are really so different?
That your little drama has not been played out
Countless times beyond counting?

* * * *
We are all time-travelers of imagination.
Strap in and enjoy the ride as best ye may.

* * * *
How can anyone possibly care
About seven-plus-plus billion people,
And all the other life forms across the planet,
Except in the most abstract sense?

* * * *
The ultimate you is untouched by any and all claims.
A Self-contained, quantum matrix of the highest order.

* * * *
No matter the creative or destructive enterprise playing out,
How can the ocean of infinity ever become greater or lesser?
It ever reigns sovereign, absolute of its own inherent nature.

* * * *
What sort of god is it that does not encompass the stars?
And how would it be possible for it not to include you?

* * * *
You begin as student, your universe the teacher.
And if/when you become your universe,
Perchance a student will appear.