17 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Eight


Your world, your universe, your self-metaphors, are all imagined.
Still the mind, close the eyes, the ears, all the other senses,
And the nothingness of awareness becomes apparent.

* * * *
If you really want to destroy the universe,
The quickest way is to just find a trigger
And let your brains out for a breather.

* * * *
Why should you be concerned
With what others think
When it is really
Your own creation
From beginning to end.

* * * *

Be of reasonable mind,
Of tolerable wit and humor,
A friend unto your Self.

* * * *
What is mine, what is yours, really?
A brief experiencing, nothing more.

* * * *
Truth is really only comfortable
If you are open and receptive to what is real,
And dishonesty, delusion, and confusion
No longer mesmerize your reverie.

* * * *
Quantum awareness is the underlying operating system
Upon which all consciousness is artlessly programmed.

* * * *
There can only be one Truth, one Reality, one God, one Whatever,
And it is meaningless to argue or create some dogmatic stance over it.

* * * *
The quest for truth is more than an assertion of this or that.
True inquiry delves into the source, into the awareness,
Into the infinity prior to all concepts born of mind.