12 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Four


Loneliness versus aloneness, duality versus singularity,
The sorrow of imagination versus the sovereignty of absoluteness.
There is really nothing to compare when there is really nothing to be measured.

* * * *
Why would that which is indivisible, untouched by birth and death,
Ever be concerned by the absorptions of so-called good or evil?

* * * *
It has never really mattered, nor will it ever matter
What color, sex, caste, culture, creed, religion,
Or whatever you and others think you are,
You are That I Am, and that says it all.

* * * *
To judge others is to be the critic of a theater
You have in sublime ignorance created.
Close your eyes and other senses,
And you will see it all nothing,
Awareness dancing in stillness,
An eternal light show, nothing more.

* * * *
Consciousness is the flower,
Awareness, the root,
And the indivisible totality,
The ground in which all dreams
Blossom, flourish, diminish, and dissolve.

* * * *
Is the fish separate from the water?
The worm from the ground?
The bird from the air?
The sun from the flame?
‘Tis a matrix of quantum design,
Pure, simple, nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
What other choice was there, really?
Like it or not, fate draws you
To your inevitable mortal conclusion.
You cannot change anything without it ever being
What has already been long ago written upon the sands of time.