17 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Nine


Quantum earth, quantum water, quantum fire, quantum wind, quantum sky.
Everything ultimately of the same quantum indivisibility,
No matter how mind slices or dices it.

* * * *
Every life form that is born of this mystery must inevitably die,
But the essence of which all creation is formed
Is never born and never dies.

* * * *
All things that arise from the shifting sands of time
Must inevitably fall, fade and dissolve back into it.

* * * *
The swimmingness of the eternal nature.
The domain of all the other creatures of Eden
Who have managed not to degenerate
Into the madness of imagination.

* * * *
She, too, will be a hag, and he a geezer.
Every rose has its day, every rose fades.

* * * *
Memes are so tiringly predictable.

* * * *
Makes you question, examine,
Perhaps even think for your Self.
That is obviously the point of all this.

* * * *
Being the totality you are is not a belief system.
Truth is not subject to any concept, whatsoever.

* * * *
Nothing new under the sun, everything new under the sun.
So predictably unpredictable, so unpredictably predictable,
Every unfolding, eternally streaming, matrix of a moment.

* * * *
The freedom that is not tempered by consideration and responsibility,
Is self-absorption devoid of reason or meaning, purpose or relevance.