12 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-One


Every sexually reproductive species has its evolutionary partnership between genders.
In the human paradigm, males hunted and fished and farmed, protected the perimeter, provided the seed.
Females attended the village, bore and nurtured the young, passed on the culture.
Adapting these ancient patternings so long in the making
To a world seething in disassociation
Is a the challenge for the future ever-now unfolding.

* * * *
There is no god in the way you or anyone else across time or space has ever conceived.
That which is supreme is so indivisibly, formlessly prior to consciousness,
That all human concoctions are absurd by any comparison.
And you are it, it is you, there is no other.

* * * *
The smug self-righteous arrogance of true believers
Likely propels many a doubter even further afield.

* * * *
Within the quantum indivisibility of the singularity,
All things from the greatest to the smallest,
From the infinite to the infinitesimal,
Play out dreams too countless to comprehend.

* * * *
We cannot all be here at the same time.
If we wish for this garden to sustain our kind,
And all the other myriad life forms it has given rise to,
We must very swiftly move toward a more rational paradigm.
If it really does not matter, which is obviously the case,
Then party on, and hope it will just be your progeny
Who will endure the inevitable consequences.

* * * *
Such a prison this obligation to others can so often be,
For their desire for so much you no longer desire,
For their fear of so much you no longer fear.
For their attachment to so much you no longer cling,
For their passion toward so much for which you feel nothing.

* * * *
The universe born of consciousness is awash in metaphors.
Though the literal often transcends in many subtle ways into the figurative,
Every sort of confusion and havoc can arise when anything figurative is taken too literally.