17 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Seven


Peering out from the stillness of awareness,
Through every visage from the infinitesimal to the infinite,
Unknowably mysterious, inexplicable, enigmatic, inscrutable, unfathomable,
The timeless, indivisible, immeasurable, quantum singularity,
The one and only you.

* * * *
The quantum awareness is, without any movement of me, myself or I.
It cannot be altered, claimed, manipulated, possessed or usurped.
It is the untapped spring, the uncarved block, the tabula rasa.
It is the primal source of all, partial or beholden to none.
It is prior to all manifestation, equally present in all,
And ever carries on after the dissolution of all.

* * * *
Who you think I am, is not the I am, I am.
Nor is the who you think you are,
The you, you are.

* * * *
Peace, tranquility, contentment, harmony,
Are of the ever-unfolding instant.
Not a product of thought,
But an effortless relinquishment
To the timeless beingness (a.k.a. eternal life).

* * * *
Self-discovery is a moment-to-moment process,
As true a scientific inquiry as there could possibly be.

* * * *
How can there ever be a collective vision in the human epoch,
When every human being, every life form, is a universe unto its Self?
All are spun of the same awareness, the same quantum, the same singularity,
But consciousness, imagination, knows naught but bounds at every turn.

* * * *
The many others across all eternity are no different than you,
And the Golden Rule says it as clearly as it can be said:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
What need for any further suggestions, principles,
Guidelines, rules, decrees, edicts, amendments,
Commandments, regulations or laws, really?