17 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Six


The quantum clayness that makes up all those figurines you so vainly worship
Is the same quantum clayness that makes up the body you think you,
And every part and particle of the space that resides between.

* * * *
Save a world that cannot be saved, or souls that can never be lost?
Such meaningless games our kind over and over so predictably plays.
Why on earth should any creation ever fear or deify its source?
Nothing but monkey-mind brew from beginning to end.

* * * *
So much unhappiness, dissatisfaction, ingratitude, and struggle,
Over what is the most astoundingly incomprehensible gift,
From the first inexplicable, magical breath, to the last.

* * * *
You need not give so much attention to the mind and body.
It is all made up for such a short ever-changing while.
Give it little weight in the grand scheme of things.
It is the real that you are here to discern and explore.

* * * *
What matter that you are remembered by all the world
Once only maggots, worms, and other critters are witness
To the once-upon-a-time universe inside your skull?

* * * *
Duality is nothing more than an arbitrary, meaningless concept
Born of the sensory illusion that you are separate.
It has no ultimate reality whatsoever.
You are the primal essence that is indivisibly singular,
Unfathomable, absolute, prior to all imaginings born of consciousness.

* * * *
Today you have one opinion, tomorrow another, and the day after still another.
How fickle these opinions, and yet how attached we are to each and every one.

* * * *
Though we peer across world, and into the far reaches of the universe,
Though we see into the infinitesimal of which all is created,
Still we cling to all the traditions and superstitions
Of one geographic assumption or another.
How absolutely amazing is that?