12 September 2014

Three Hundred and Forty-Two


It really only matters that you wake up to what you truly are.
Do not be overly concerned about the many others in your dreamtime.
They will awaken if/when they have seen and done enough.
And if you are one of their many teachers or not,
Why would it, could it really matter,
If there truly is no other?

* * * *
No group, no civilization, no world, can withstand
More than a certain degree of cancerous affliction.

* * * *
How white is black?  How black is white?
How right is wrong?  How wrong is right?
How heavy is light?  How light is heavy?
How all is nothing?  How nothing is all?
How true is false?  How false is true?
How high is low?  How low is high?
How far is near?  How near is far?
How hot is cold?  How cold is hot?
How huge is tiny?  How tiny is huge?
How light is dark?  How dark is light?
How large is small?  How small is large?
How strong is weak?  How weak is strong?

* * * *
Put no idols before the I Am you ever are.
Dogmatic assertions by any individual or group
Are really nothing more than the same old blasphemy.

* * * *
The rutted mind starts taking shape
As soon as nature and nurture
Begin meshing in the theater of time.
By the age of grayness, weariness, and rigidity,
Ruts run so deep, new ground is only by the rarest traveled.

* * * *
No matter the effort any mind has ever made,
None have ever changed or altered
Even one tiny hair on truth’s chinny-chin-chin.
The play of consciousness has absolutely no say in the matter.
The way it is, is the way it is, the way it has always been, the way it will ever be.