01 September 2014

Three Hundred and Nineteen


Now, now, now …
Eternity is right now, godness is right now,
Prior to all attributes, prior to all assumptions, prior to all identification,
Prior to all movement of consciousness.
You are it, it is you.
What is so difficult to fathom
About the stillness of the infinite awareness,
Which as simple as simple can be?

* * * *
To assert the allegory of Jesus “the greatest story ever told,”
When you have not really read anything else,
Is more than a little absurd.

* * * *
“Should” is one of those arduous words
Framed in countless assumptions and great expectations
That only rarely suits anyone well or long.

* * * *
Tiny ants wandering their hills and caves,
The grand infinity of their six-legged universe,
That few two-leggeds will ever fully realize
Is more than a little similar to their own.

* * * *
Just a touchy-feely three-dimensional dream,
Ever the same, no matter the space, no matter the time.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
What would you do
If you were able to begin again
With a shiny new, completely healthy body,
And all you have gleaned from this brief life entirely intact?
Would you wander down the same trail,
Or break new ground?

* * * *
It is not through thought that you, the witness, exists.
The you, you really are, is not this time-bound, fabricated character.
What you really are is the awareness, the presence,
The nowness of the eternal life.