08 September 2014

Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight


Any given container is at most
Only concerned about its biological survival,
And the reproduction of its genetic material in manifest time.
Anything beyond that primary directive is but the recreation of consciousness,
And its seemingly boundless predisposition
For theater in every venue.

* * * *
Created of the infinite unknown, a mystery beyond all reckoning,
You encapsulate it with your finite vanity,
And call it God.

* * * *
To discern fully a question, is to fathom its answer.
Any given problem is harbor to its own solution.

* * * *
Once upon a time, you knew so much.
You were a sponge for knowledge,
For every sort of experience,
Until you saw how little
It all really meant.
And now you grasp
So much less, so little
That it is all but laughable,
Perhaps slightly embarrassing,
To recall the conceit and arrogance
Of that self-assured, youthful innocence
You so effortlessly consumed not so long ago.

* * * *
If you would know god,
Then look within, friend, look within.
Look within so deeply that it all becomes so indivisible
That the entire universe dissolves
In a mere glance.

* * * *
At some point for many, if not all,
The mortal frame stops being as fun a place.
Replaced by a sense of endurance, tolerance, sufferance,
Forbearance, patience, acceptance, resignation. forbearance, patience,
Acceptance, resignation and stoicism.