06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Thirty-Three


Though there is absolutely no requisite
For any moment to be played out any particular way,
Every form performs its destiny according to the given conditioning.
So though someone could do perhaps do anything conceivable in the quantum sense,
Free will is an illusion, and all will journey through whatever fate their form,
Their capacity and limitation, their blend of desire and fear, allows.
For anyone to do something entirely out of character
Really just means it was in their character from the get-go.

* * * *
Pain, whether physical or psychological, is a cruel, unkind, foul,
Nasty, brutal, pitiless, malicious, spiteful, vindictive,
Merciless, vicious, heartless, ruthless,
Harsh and callous meanie.
And … more than a little likely,
The only way more than a handful of us
Would probably ever actually learn some things.

* * * *
Getting seven-plus billion people to wake up
Just ain’t likely going to happen.
So, just enjoy your show
As best ye may,
And try not to sweat the other
More than moderate compassion allows.

* * * *
Such is the nature of irony and paradox
That many things stated with different words,
Apparently unconnected and contrary at first glance,
So often bear the same unadorned nuance.

* * * *
Think you cannot at all get along without someone or something?
Oh, you will, my fine friend, rest assured you will, indeed,
Whether voluntarily, or from your cold, lifeless hands,
Absolutely everyone and everything will cease to exist as you do
When this magical mystery tour of a dream reaches its most certain conclusion.
Consciousness is but a temporal state requiring a vessel of some sort in which to play out.
The promises of everlasting life, of access to one deity or another, will always prove but empty and vain.
And of what is called rebirth, it is not some individual persona, but the essence that all things are,
And that quantum “you-ness” born anew will blow in the nature-nurture winds of its time,
Experiencing many things, always with very much the same awareness within all.