06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight


Consciousness is a vibrating lens
With countless filters crafted of every imaginable limitation.
Awareness is of the infinite source, witness within all things great and small, bound to nothing.

* * * *
Eternal salvation is not about the body or mind being saved.
It is the purging of fabricated identity, the ceaseless inventions of the mind,
And timelessly being what you truly are, that which is god.
You are the Truth, the Life and the Way.
Be That I Am,
The Self of all selves.

* * * *
How can you not be that which is called god by countless names,
When without the light of awareness shining from within,
Your universe would not for even a moment exist.

* * * *
Is consciousness the river in which you flow,
Or you the stillness through which it dreams?

* * * *
A quantum-eat-quantum universe.

* * * *
What is suicide
But the unwillingness
To continue playing a part
For which the pain and suffering,
Or even just the bother of daily existence,
Is just too great a nuisance to bear.
Not everyone wants to be here.

* * * *
Slice it, dice it however you please,
That which has no seam, that which is indivisible,
Remains ever untouched, forever one.

* * * *
Where is ahead?  Where is behind?
Where is up or down? Sideways or crossways?
Where is the center of that amorphous, eternal indivisibility,
That which is the center, yet has no center.