06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Five


It is likely not politically correct to say it,
But isn’t it obvious there is an array of differences
Within the human species, the same as every other life form.
Whether insects, plants, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians or mammals,
There are countless variations across the board within each and every grouping.
Rottweillers and Toy Poodles are dogs, Persians and Siamese are cats.
And every human being across the world may walk on two legs,
But in the evolutionary choices made in every geography,
Distinctions in capacity and limitation are clear as day.
It is not a right or wrong thing, a good or bad thing,
Nor any other sort of thing about which to be vain,
It is just the way it is.

* * * *
Psychic vampires.
Once you discern their bleak nature,
You can either evade them, or drive stakes into their hearts.
To allow them into the inner keep of your castle
Is to put up with a world of hurt
That no one deserves.
If you allow them a vein, it is on you.

* * * *
All the imperial pretenses of nation states,
And all the many ways groups combine and align,
Are all just short-lived, meaningless, delusions of grandeur
That dreamtime inevitably shows the back door,
Hooking and gonging them off the stage
The same as everything else.

* * * *
If not in every breath time offers,
Then at least in the last moments before death,
Surrender to the vast eternal awareness prior to consciousness,
And rest fulfilled, content in that immortal knowingness,
When the Reaper comes to gather the vehicle
To which your vanity is so attached.

* * * *
What makes no sense to most,
May be the only thing that does to you.
Standing completely alone is really the only option
For those whose doubt compels them to discern the truth within.