06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine


Where is the dividing line between within and without?
The senses are but illusory, temporal filters, barriers, hurdles,
Through which the mortal mind-body is fabricated,
And the theater of consciousness
Molded into you.

* * * *
There is truly only one religion,
And it is without creed, dogma, scripture,
Sanction, structure, tradition, leadership or contention.
True democracy of the highest order, indeed.

* * * *
You will travel whatever path unfolds,
Take it to whatever level you feel called to take it.
Just remember, there are no levels,
There is no path.

* * * *
Set your Self free from all these words, as well.
They have their uses and their pleasures,
But what you seek is not in them.

* * * *
The true physician is within.
All religions proselytize idolatry.
Priesthoods are snake oil charlatans.
Physician, heal thy Self.

* * * *
So many irreconcilable problems.
But how can you solve a dream?

* * * *
Another intellectual wrestling match
In which you battle reality with your delusion,
Your psychic armor of inflated notion.

* * * *
What cannot be, cannot be,
No matter how many may will it so.
And what will be, will be, no matter how many
Might spend their entire lives attempting to halt or alter it.