06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-One


A challenging thing being in the world and not of it,
Attentive to the given moment, yet still locked in a body,
Still attached, like it or no, to the universe in which it wanders.

* * * *
The abyss can be plumbed forever, and no edge ever reached.
The senses are but an ephemeral veil to the solitude
You are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
Once you have thoroughly explored consciousness
And its limitless nuances to your satisfaction,
The challenge becomes how to detach
From the endless movement
Of its incessant blather.

* * * *
In the ever-present, the mind dissolves
Into the immeasurable nothingness,
To which attachment has no tether.

* * * *
Two ways to fathom wisdom:
One, by doing many foolish things.
Two, by not doing many foolish things.

* * * *
What is outside is inside, and inside, out.
Where is the seam between any two or more?

* * * *
If they snicker at you because you are so different,
Hoot back at them for trying so hard to be the same.

* * * *
By life’s end, how many of us wish
We had done and said so many things differently,
That we had been both the giver and receiver of more kindness.

* * * *
Life is a marathon.
Be aware how quickly you are running it,
Lest you be caught at its end with too little left to carry well the given day.