06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven


It is not a matter of believing you are that which is god, but in being that which is god.
It is in the immediate perception, the immediate awareness, the nowness,
Not some entity ensnared by the movement of mere thought.

* * * *
Only non-followers, non-believers, non-identifiers,
Those courageous, intelligent and skeptical enough to stand alone,
Will ever have the doubting wit to discern the truth of it.
Many are called, but few are chosen.

* * * *
It did not have to turn out this way, you know.
This absurdity was not ordained by some vain, petty god.
It has all always been about the synergy of choices
Made long before our little portion of the show
Came along on the timeline of our kind.
So, don’t be blaming some god
For the very fine mess
In which we now find ourselves.

* * * *
Get to know people too well,
And, sure enough, sooner or later,
There are funerals to attend.

* * * *
There is always tomorrow,
That day that never quite arrives,
That rainbow that always just manages
To elude now’s ephemeral grasp.

* * * *
You really only lie to your Self,
Cheat your Self, steal from your Self,
Upset, offend, use, harm, and kill your Self.
It is a god-eat-god universe from beginning to end.

* * * *
Billions of blind monkeys
Quarrelling over the same elephant.
All this bickering, arguing, battling, destroying,
Over so many similar things, merely given different sounds.
Could there possibly be anything more absurd?