06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Three


Your dream of existence is a mystery
That time will never long attest really happened.
Truly not at all different than any tree falling alone in a forest.

* * * *
Creation is an ever-unfolding, ever-evolving transmutation of energy.
Of the stardust, the elements, the quantum, the singularity,
Playing at existence in every way imaginable.

* * * *
When did you begin to imagine you were this mind-body?
That it belonged to you like all the other possessions
With which emptiness continually shrouds itself.
What point is there, really, in being attached
To its ever-changing corporeal nature
For even one singular moment?

* * * *
There is no formula in rearing children.
Everyone has their own approach to parenting,
Some for good, some for ill.
And from it all,
Human history unfolds.

* * * *
Group dynamics include in their synergy
The individual attributes of isolation and fear,
And thus are often shrouded with irrational notions
Of self-serving, self-righteous, self-promoting persecution

* * * *
When you are merely awareness, you are free.
When you are a mind attached to a body, you are bound.
So guileless as to be yet another of the greatest stories never told.

* * * *
Arrogance accumulates many an opportunity for one just reward or another.
Pity they are not always bestowed at all or as quickly as might be deserved.

* * * *
What ego could exist without attachment to the body-mind,
And all the perceptions that have been but imagined
In the streaming dream of quantum awareness.