06 September 2014

Three Hundred and Twenty-Two


Few are inflicted with the great doubt
That eventually conveys them all the way back
To that timeless awareness prior to all consciousness.
So many temptations, so many distractions, so many delusions,
On the long and winding ever here now road home.

* * * *
Are you prepared to leave everything behind?
To be totally, absolutely free of all manifest claims?
Are you prepared to be you, completely alone, dreamless,
Naught but awareness, formless, for all eternity?
Or will you do this to yourself yet again?

* * * *
What a vast difference between
Thinking you are infinity
And being infinity.
One the product of thought,
The other simply godness its Self.

* * * *
And what point is there, really,
In wallowing in all this sentiment,
This passion, this imaginary pretense
Of such an obviously impermanent nature?

* * * *
Let go all the struggle.
Be completely, unequivocally effortless.
Give yourself over to the beingness, the nowness, the stillness,
Of the quantum awareness prior to consciousness.
It is your true nature; it is the eternal life.

* * * *
No matter how many ways you may find to distract yourself,
No matter how large a family you might propagate,
No matter how many people you may know,
Or the size of crowds you may daily stride through,
You are ever, have ever been, will ever be, absolutely alone.

* * * *
How often does something you were looking for, or trying to figure out,
End up being practically right in plain sight, or so simple as to all but obvious.