09 October 2014

Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight


You are not the body, nor are you the mind
Any more than you are your car, home, workplace, world, or universe.
You are that which is prior to anything and everything.
Always seek the greater ground.

* * * *
One moment streams into the next, seamless,
And in each and every absolute, sovereign, unblemished,
Indivisible, nameless, flowing moment,
You are all that is.

* * * *
Anything can end without a moment’s notice.
So it goes. deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
Always best to be somewhere else
When shit is in gravity’s embrace,
Or moving rapidly towards a fan.

* * * *
No destiny can be changed.
No fate can be avoided.
All are merely played out
As nature and nurture sculpt.
All are written, and yet to be written.

* * * *
What to do with a life
When it offers so much more
Than desire could ever possibly pursue.

* * * *
Dogma is the worldly vision
Of those who, for whatever reason,
Lack the eyes to see and the ears to hear
The infinite mystery in which each and every one
Equally participates in so many ways.

* * * *
Responsibility falls upon each and every one
To decide how they will play out their worldly existence.
To blame some deity or demon for one’s choices is absurdly infantile.